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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Council Panel Backs MOHAI Move to SLUP; More on Wawona Money

The Seattle City Council's parks committee has approved a resolution supporting a move by the Museum of History & Industry to South Lake Union Park. The decision was made at a regular committee meeting yesterday, as reported this morning by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The language in the proposed resolution, which now goes to the full city council, contains strong language in support of a maritime heritage theme at the park.

The story also includes comments about the $400,000 allocation in the city's 2007-2008 proposed budget for moving the schooner Wawona from SLUP to drydock. The allocation was first reported in my blog on Tuesday. (Thanks to a long-time volunteer who helped me find the section in the parks capital budget called "Wawona Disposition.")

Any thoughts about the MOHAI move or the Wawona money? Please register them via the comments link below.


Anonymous Carla Holley said...

This makes me so happy! Seriously, I'm walking around with a big grin on my face.

I have special thanks in my heart for Peter Steinbrueck of the Seattle City Council.

In my few months served as a volunteer at NW Seaport and for SHIPS, I've been privileged to see first-hand the deep level of commitment to maritime heritage in Seattle. Although she may never read this, I appreciate so much the work of Alice Winship. She's been involved with this cause for years, doing physical work on vessels, organizing events and music concerts, running the NW Seaport gift shop, and was the driving force behind this most recent festival. She's one of those tireless behind-the-scenes people who just get things done, and it's been an honor to be of assistance to her.

9:15 AM

Blogger Joe Follansbee said...

Totally agree. Alice is one of those people who just never gives up.

9:23 AM

Anonymous Trapper Graves-Lalor said...

Without Alice, NWS would've ceased function years ago. She's truly a force of nature when it comes to the Seaport and the Wawona.

I read the article in the P-I and think this is a great thing, as long as she's preserved as a whole ship. I still cannot fathom the continued arrogance of Parks and the mayor, thinking they have the right to demolish Wawona.

7:45 PM


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