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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MH $$ Decisions Pending; Musical Celebration of Sea Cultures

I've received no word yet on Seattle City Council decisions on the $150,000 Maritime Heritage Initiative contribution or the budget proviso on the $400,000 Wawona line item. I did receive a note from Councilmember David Della saying there was still time to contact councilmembers with your views. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the deadline. You'll find contact info at

Town Hall Seattle is hosting “Sea Songs,” a free celebration in song and music of cultures living and working on and near the oceans, scheduled for Saturday, December 2 at 1:00 p.m. The program opens with Moe Bowstern’s “Life Cycle of the Salmon,” a puppet show based on the tradition of Indonesian shadow plays. Other items on the program:
  • The Samish Singers from the Samish Nation of Washington
  • Ruze Dalmatinke/Vela Luka Ensemble with songs and music from the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia
  • The Samoan Men Singers - Ben Leiataua, conductor
  • Dangerous Dave Densmore, an Alaskan fishing boat captain and fisher poet performing his epic saga of being lost at sea after his boat burns and sinks
  • A performance of traditional naval bosun’s whistles.
Admission is free.


Blogger Alice Winship said...

The Seattle City Council discussed the Wawona on Tuesday but did not reach a decision.

David Della is sponsoring his own budget proviso for Wawona, which would leave demolition open as an option, but would put the funds on hold until all parties concerned agree on a plan. One drawback to this proviso is the time frame. Preservation specialists at the Wawona Summit last December recommended that Wawona be taken out of the water and put under cover as soon as possible, in order to stabilize her condition. Also, Parks has stated that they want Wawona moved soon.

In contrast, Peter Steinbrueck's proviso would prevent use of the funds to demolish the Wawona, and would change the title of the budget item from "Wawona Disposition" to "Wawona Preservation".

The Council is taking today (Wednesday) off from meetings to consider the Wawona and many other issues, and will meet again on Thursday, when they will decide which, if either, of the budget provisos will be adopted.

There is still time to contact councilmembers with your views by phone or email. I suggest a quick phone call to each councilmember to state your preference on this issue.

1:20 PM

Blogger Joe Follansbee said...

Thanks for the comment, Alice. What's your preference?

1:47 PM


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