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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NWS/MOHAI Meets With City on Wawona

Northwest Seaport president Joe Shickich tells me that the scheduled meeting yesterday with city Parks Superintendent Ken Bounds and Deputy Mayor Tim Cies "was short but went well." The parties talked about the future of the schooner Wawona, specifically whether she could be displayed on land at South Lake Union Park. Shickich says TriCoastal Marine, a marine consulting firm, is interested in helping with the project. The Museum of History & Industry is investigating other land displays of vessels around the country. The Parks Department is also looking into local maritime companies that could offer services and the costs a display might incur. In the past, Parks has said it wants Wawona removed from its traditional berth at SLUP, and the city threatened last month to break up the vessel if it is not moved by Sept. 30.


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