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Saturday, July 08, 2006

P-I Story on Wawona; How Will City Respond?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published a story today on NWS/MOHAI's letter to the city Friday on moving the Wawona from South Lake Union Park. The story is missing several pieces, especially the plan for putting Wawona on a barge and moving it temporarily from SLUP before it returns to be displayed on land. I've heard this discussed in meetings with MOHAI and personal discussions with NWS. A couple of nit picks: Wawona has three masts, not four; she's been a museum ship since 1964, not 1947.

The question now is the city's response. I've heard credible estimates of moving Wawona ranging from $300,000 to $500,000, and that doesn't include moorage fees at its new home that could cost tens of thousands of dollars a year. And no one has proposed a temporary moorage spot; we don't want another Kalakala on our hands. However, the plan is doable; it's up to the city to step forward and help out. What will Ken Bounds and Tim Ceis do? Wawona supporters have moved toward them, now they must come our way. Or will they fold their arms and reject NWS/MOHAI's good faith effort? We'll know if a few days.

Please register your thoughts below. What should happen next?


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