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Sunday, February 05, 2006

21 Leave Mystic Seaport; Historic Clipper Ship Lost

The Maritime Compass blog reports that 21 Mystic Seaport employees have left the living history museum under an early retirement and contract buyout plan offered by museum officials. Read Kelly's post. According to a Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Wire report published on January 12, 2006, the move will save the museum approximately $500,000 a year. The report says the museum has been struggling with a $1 million annual deficit for several years. A museum spokesman says Mystic Seaport will break even in 2008. The museum hoped 24 of the 70 employees offered the package would accept it. The museum has a total paid workforce of 206. The museum has also decided to contract out its gift shop, which employs 30. It's not clear how many of those employees will be retained by the new operator. The museum contracted out its snack bar services in 2004.

Scottish media have reported a decision to break up the historic clipper ship Carrick. Scottish Maritime Museum officials say restoration of the 1864 vessel is impractical. Read about the decision here.


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