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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wawona Mast Report: Dry Rot, No Silver Dollars

Wayne Palsson published a report on the mast removal from the schooner Wawona on Tuesday. At left is a photo of dry rot discovered at the bottom of the masts. Here's what Wayne wrote in an e-mail to supporters:

"Northwest Seaport contracted with Ehler Marine and Industrial Services and Ness Crane to remove the three masts and jib boom of the Wawona. Removal of the masts was recommended by the recent surveys of the vessel and the panel of experts at the December Wawona Summit. The job was accomplished without major incident and the three masts now float next to the vessel. The mizzen and foremast came down without any difficulties, but the top of the main mast broke off as it was being set horizontally on the ground. In fact, all the three masts had dry rot near the top, just below the hounds and crosstrees. We set in shortened telephone poles in the mast holes which will support a re-engineered protective cover. There were no silver dollars underneath any of the masts, but each had some dimes, quarters, and pennies as well as commemorative 75th anniversary coins of the Wawona minted in 1972. The vessel only raised a couple of inches after the masts were removed. " (Photo copyright 2006 Northwest Seaport)


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