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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Co-op Advertising Opp; Did Chinese Explorer Reach Washington? Wisconsin Museum Job

Maritime heritage organizations interested in boosting visits to their attractions may want to participate in a cooperative advertising arrangement coordinated by the Tourism Office of the state department of Trade and Economic Development. For more information, contact Betsy Gabel, Marketing Manager, Washington State Tourism office, 360-725-4180,

Blogger Robert Hayes has posted an entry that discusses the possibilities that Zheng He, the famed Chinese maritime explorer, may have arrived in America before Columbus. Potentially, he could have explored the Washington Coast long before the 18th English explorers Gray and Vancouver. The evidence is thin, but it's a great story:
The Argument Clinic: Chinese Map Lays Claim to Discovery of North, South America

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is looking for a new curator. [link]


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