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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sound Tourism Quotes Yours Truly in BMP Doc

Sound Tourism, a project of People for Puget Sound, quoted myself in a news release about its Marine Tourism Best Management Practices Guide. [link] The guide offers "practical recommendations tourism companies can use to protect Puget Sound, while sharing the wonders of the Sound with tourists and others recreating on the water." [link to release] I met project director Heidi Siegelbaum, who says connections between maritime heritage and environmental tourism is "intuitive." I think this is an almost unexplored area by most maritime heritage groups. Sound Experience, owner of the Adventuress, is the best example of leadership in this area. All maritime heritage groups should seek out alliances with environmental groups which advocate marine and coastal environmental health.


Blogger Dwayne Clark said...

If we don't take care of our mother ocean she will not take care of us or our children.

Dwayne Clark

4:58 PM


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