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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Maritime Compass Blog; UK Life At Sea Exhibit

I found a new blog today, Maritime Compass, which is a review of current happenings in Maritime Studies. Maritime Compass includes information on library and museum events, scholarly conferences or meetings, book reviews, news items, or "just plain old interesting maritime facts."

The National Maritime Museum in London is celebrated its "Life at Sea" exhibit, which tells the story of Great Britain as a nation of seafarers. The exhibit runs until April 23, 2006.


Blogger Kelly said...


Great site and blog! I just posted to Maritime Compass on both, and added a link to your blog.

Your blog presents me with a bit of a quandry however. You've got some stories here that would be great for 'Compass' readers but even with the post, I don't know if they'll starting reading both. You seem very familiar with blogging (I'm just a newbie) do you know if there's a way I can 'insert' certain posts from MHN into the Compass? (more than just a link) I don't want to steal them, certainly don't want to rewrite them, and I recall somewhere hearing there was a way to do this? do you know it?

Kelly Drake

7:56 AM

Blogger Dwayne Clark said...


Glad you found Kelly. She is very nice and has a great blog...just like you!!

Dwayne Clark

9:52 AM


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