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Thursday, November 09, 2006

MHI Contribution, Wawona Proviso Approved

I've received two wonderful pieces of news about our maritime heritage, both involving the Seattle City Council. First, the council's Finance Committee approved the heritage community's request for a $150,000 contribution to the Maritime Heritage Initiative. I understand that the money is conditioned on a financial match of some kind, the details of which are unclear at this point. The focus will now shift to the King County Council, which is also considering a similar request for a $150,000 contribution.

The second piece of good news concerns Wawona. The council has approved budget language that prevents the Parks Department from using a $400,000 allocation to dismantle or demolish the vessel. Instead, the money is to be used for preservation, restoration, or relocation of the city landmark.

The full council must approve the final budget, but every heritage supporter should now say thanks to each councilmember, especially Richard McIver, chair of the Finance Committee, David Della, chair of the Parks Committee, who sponsored the MHI measure, and Peter Steinbrueck, who sponsored the Wawona proviso. These councilmembers have done a great service to the community!


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