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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ontario Cultural Tourism Resource; Great Lakes Shipwrecks Museum; Boeing Connexion Linking Seafarers

Canada is far ahead of the USA in promoting cultural tourism as an economic development tool. This strategy could be important for supporting maritime heritage in the future. Heather Trescases, executive director of the Eastside Heritage Center of Bellevue, Wash. and president of the board of the Association of King County Historical Organizations (I'm the board vice president.) sent me this link to the province of Ontario's Ministry of Tourism website. Look for the "Making the Case for Tourism" toolkit, which is being used throughout the province. She says it's very successful.

Pedro Caleja of the Do fundo do Mar...Sea Bottom blog posted an article about the Great Lakes Shipwrecks Museum.

USA Today published a story of how Boeing is going after seafarers with its Boeing Connexion Internet-in-the-sky product.


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