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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Honoring the Women Who Wait, the Irish Way

The blog "For the Fainthearted" published an entry I found very moving. It features a photograph of a sculpture in County Sligo, Ireland of a woman reaching out to loved ones lost at sea. Titled "Waiting on Shore," she seems to have just heard of her loss. The blogger, Ian Poulton, reminds the reader of men who also wait for loved ones, but few images are as powerful as the wife (and by implication) the children who may never again see the husband who risks his life on the sea to make a living for his family. Ian suggested a link that led to this photo of the sculpture.


Blogger Ian Poulton said...

Hi Joe,

I wish I had brought a camera with me to Sligo. The photograph was taken with my cellphone!

There isn't a great deal of inforamation on the Net. I found this:

The history of the area combined with the emotional connotations of seafaring life make it a poignant image.


8:36 AM


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