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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

CWB Offers Boats for Sale

The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle is offering several boats for sale via its website, including a 28' Monk Cruiser, a 21' Cruisers, Inc., a 24' Copper River skiff built for salmon fishing, and a 12' foot cedar strip dinghy. For photos and more information, visit the CWB website's Boats for Sale page.


Blogger S/V Mistral said...

Joe -- Thanks for mentioning the boats for sale at The Center for Wooden Boats. Patrick Gould, the Center's boat donations person, has done a great job of turning that program into a good source of much needed revenue. Not on their site, but on Ebay, is another gem, a 45-foot William Garden pilothouse sloop. $10,000 of the sale goes to the Center.
Eric Sorensen/skipper, S/V Mistral,

8:57 AM

Blogger Joe Follansbee said...

Happy to oblige, Eric. Let me know if any other vessels go on sale to benefit CWB or another maritime heritage group.


9:01 AM


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