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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Photos: Wawona, Shenandoah, Tilikum, Sea Lion VI

I've collected some more links to photos of Puget Sound-area historic vessels:

Wawona: Photographer Dean Forbes takes many photos of vessels at South Lake Union Park, including this one of the schooner Wawona. His images are much more than the usual vessel portraits. I enjoy the saturated colors and abstract shapes that can only be formed by watercraft reflections.

Shenandoah: I found this photo of the 1925 purse-seiner built in Gig Harbor on the Coastal Heritage Alliance website. Shenandoah is in the care of the Gig Harbor Heritage Center. The ship was built at the local Skansie Ship Building Company.

Tilikum: According to the caption to the photo on the Flickr website, "This traditional Northwest Coast seagoing dugout canoe was modified and rigged as a schooner by sailor John Voss, who sailed her across the Pacific and through the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic to England. She is seen here exhibited in the Maritime Museum of British Columbia in Victoria."

MV Sea Lion VI: I again found this photo on the Flickr website. The caption says, "The MV Sea Lion VI is a veteran tugboat which survived a shipwreck on a reef now named after her, now moored at Heritage Harbour in front of the Vancouver Maritime Museum."


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