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Friday, May 05, 2006

MHN Adds New Attraction Mapping Feature

Maritime Heritage Network has added a new feature to help you find your favorite maritime heritage attractions in the Puget Sound area. The feature maps the location of the attraction, such as a ship or a museum, and includes links to pages that can generate driving directions. To try out the feature, go to Maritime Heritage Network and select an attraction from the Attractions drop-down menu. In the page that appears, click the "Map and directions" link. A new page appears with a map and a "virtual stick pin" showing the street address and location of the attraction. The map is also printable to let you take it with you on your trip. Thanks to Google Maps for letting MHN use their fabulous mapping application!

MHN also features a downloadable and printable attractions map pinpointing the locations of Seattle-area maritime heritage attractions. Visit an attraction today!


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