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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Family Visits "Sunken Ship" Catala + Photos

Last Sunday (March 19), the family went to the Washington Coast and visited the wreck of the S.S. Catala, which was driven up on a sand spit near the mouth of Grays Harbor on New Years Day, 1965. (See my blog entries of February 10 and March 13.) The upper photo is a long shot of the wreck, looking toward the stern on the right, with the bow under the sand to the left. The lower photo is my daughter Emily, who rechristened the boat "Sunken Ship" Catala, grabbing a handle of a hatch. We also found some intact wood framing, electrical wiring, and what seems to be a boiler.

To find the wreck on your own, visit Damon Point State Park and follow what's left of an asphalt road south about a quarter mile to the wreck site. As always, wrecks are inherently unstable, so be careful crawling around.


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